Journal Articles

‘Preventing Violent Extremism through the United Nations: The Rise and Fall of a Good Idea’, International Affairs (forthcoming).

‘Beyond the Unidades de Polícia Pacificadora: Countering Comando Vermelho’s Criminal Insurgency’, w/ Claudio Ramos da Cruz, Small Wars & Insurgencies (forthcoming).

Counterinsurgency as Armed Reform: The Political History of the Malayan Emergency‘, Journal of Strategic Studies (2018).

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Critics Gone Wild: Counterinsurgency as the Root of All Evil‘, Small Wars and Insurgencies, 25:1 (2014).

On Intervention: Avoiding Counterinsurgencies‘, w/ Robert Egnell, Parameters, 44:1 (2014) — winner of the 2014 Elihu Root Prize, awarded to the best article published in Parameters on any aspect of strategic landpower, contemporary or historical.

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Beyond Clear-Hold-Build: Rethinking Local-Level Counterinsurgency after Afghanistan‘, Contemporary Security Policy, 34:3 (2013) — nominated for the 2013 Bernard Brodie Prize, awarded to the outstanding article of the year

The Five Fallacies of Clear-Hold-Build: Counter-insurgency, Governance and Development at the Local Level’, RUSI Journal, 158:3 (2013).

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